An Alien’s Guide to Being Human

Thoughts about humans, aspects of being a human, and… probably some other things.

The Web of Interests

I have a set of very specific interests: subjects that fascinate me, that I’m always eager to learn more about, and will devote quite a bit of time and effort towards. In the past these interests have been films, TV shows, books, religions, games, crafts, sciences. I’ve always called them “obsessions”, because they’ve felt all-consuming.Continue reading “The Web of Interests”

Guess the Emotion

Emotions, eh? Weird things. Tangly unidentifiable things. AnxietyOne of the great banes of modern life, perhaps, is anxiety. Whether it’s a stressful job, an unexpected visitor, or a constant fear of failure, anxiety seems to stalk us all in different ways.I have trouble identifying anxiety in myself. In fact, it’s usually only when I noticeContinue reading “Guess the Emotion”


Hello! I had the idea for this blog many years ago when I first started trying to articulate the problems that I had with various aspects of being a standard human. The title popped into my head, I thought “ha ha, if I ever did have a blog I might call it that” and promptlyContinue reading “Hello”

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