Neurodiversity Designs

Obviously neurodiversity has been on my mind quite a bit recently as I put my notes together ready for an assessment. So along with my usual political designs, I’ve had a go at some themed around neurodiversity. All I’ve really seen are designs featuring the jigsaw piece symbol, which is controversial and disliked by manyContinue reading “Neurodiversity Designs”

Autism and GP Appointments

As many women who are, or have suspected that they are, autistic can tell you, there’s a disappointing lack of understanding within the general medical profession. I believe that’s changing (as more autistic people, with more varied presentations of autism, appear in the media) but it’s a very slow process and has undoubtedly been responsibleContinue reading “Autism and GP Appointments”

Furlough and the Dread of Back to Work

Sounds like a horrible Harry Potter book for grown-ups, doesn’t it. I don’t yet know when I’ll be called back to work. They only have to give a couple of days’ notice. The shop I work in opened its doors on June 15th, but only a handful of staff have been asked to go backContinue reading “Furlough and the Dread of Back to Work”

The Web of Interests

I have a set of very specific interests: subjects that fascinate me, that I’m always eager to learn more about, and will devote quite a bit of time and effort towards. In the past these interests have been films, TV shows, books, religions, games, crafts, sciences. I’ve always called them “obsessions”, because they’ve felt all-consuming.Continue reading “The Web of Interests”

Guess the Emotion

Emotions, eh? Weird things. Tangly unidentifiable things. AnxietyOne of the great banes of modern life, perhaps, is anxiety. Whether it’s a stressful job, an unexpected visitor, or a constant fear of failure, anxiety seems to stalk us all in different ways.I have trouble identifying anxiety in myself. In fact, it’s usually only when I noticeContinue reading “Guess the Emotion”

A Soundtrack to Life

I love music. I love music so much. It’s helped me through the worst times of my life, and it’s given me a huge amount of joy. I can’t remember a day going by when I haven’t listened to music: on my phone via headphones, around home on a Bluetooth speaker, on my PC whileContinue reading “A Soundtrack to Life”

I’m Tired: reflecting on an exhausting teenagehood

When my doctor asked if I’d been feeling tired lately, I almost laughed. I didn’t know how to answer the question, or even what he really meant by it… Of course I’m tired. I’m always tired! Isn’t everybody, secretly? They’re just better at hiding it. I was there because I was having issues at highContinue reading “I’m Tired: reflecting on an exhausting teenagehood”

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