I had the idea for this blog many years ago when I first started trying to articulate the problems that I had with various aspects of being a standard human. The title popped into my head, I thought “ha ha, if I ever did have a blog I might call it that” and promptly dropped the whole thing. Who would want to read a self-indulgent blog all about me?

I stuck to my personal diary, but it was always more of a day-to-day thing than a big philosophical look at various parts of human behaviour.

Then, a few years back, a friend was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and wanting to be a good and understanding friend, I started researching it. She’d never struck me as particularly odd, and certainly nothing like the very vague idea I had of what autism was, which was essentially “super-nerdy awkward guy who doesn’t like people”… Boy, did I have a lot to learn.

I read a couple of books, but it’s when I hit the internet that lightbulbs started to go on in my head. Nothing I’d encountered up until then indicated that women on the spectrum presented in a whole different way to that stereotypical image of boy-nerd. And what’s more, a lot of what I read seemed to describe me

I’ve come back to this idea of a blog to record my thoughts. It’s been about 5 years since that revelation, and I’ve filled books and files with notes, checklists, remembered experiences. I’ve only recently started interacting with the online autism spectrum community, and voicing my experiences within those groups has been very helpful so far.

I’m still not sure either way. When I’m in the grip of researching the subject I feel it fits me so well, but there have been times when I’ve dropped it for a few months, and suddenly I feel foolish for even considering it. So, this is just a blog about me and my observations. It’ll probably be erratic. I’m not very consistent. But I’ll add things as I think of them (or can be bothered to type them up).

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